The central Lab of Sharif University was established with the aim of optimizing the analysis instruments which are used in the various fields of education and research in universities, to present analysis services to different research institutes. Another approachs of this center are updating and equipping analysis instrument as well as concluding contract with the other scientific and research centers, forecasting and supplying the future research requirements of university, and employing experienced staff in laboratory. The laboratory services present to all universities, research institutes and industries as well as the private institutes. Therefore, all individuals and legal persons can be informed about the services of the center by visiting or contacting with laboratory. In addition, the portal of this laboratory provides comprehensive information about Lab activities.

✅ Try to focus on preparing and organizing advance analysis equipment requirements of different scientific fields.

✅ Optimal utilization of available facilities.

✅ Save on current costs of research projects.

✅ Do research projects with a minimum challenge

✅Possibility of using the stored data in the central database in the future.

✅ More communication between researchers and easily transfer information through the virtual network.

✅ Ease of access to analysis equipment for faculty members, researchers, students, and industrial owners in real and virtual spaces.

✅ Prevent the monopolization of existing equipment.

✅ Training lab specialist in professional levels, according to the requirements of different industries.


The Targets

The Catalog


Certified ISO/IEC 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

The certificate includes 6 laboratory (4 internal lab and 2 associated external lab which are water and wastewater lab at the water and energy institute and mobile telecommunications lab at the electrical engineering faculty) and total 54 key tests.


ISO 17025 Certification